Installation & Care

Re-Gripping your Putter Grip couldn’t be simpler and should take less than 10 minutes.  You will need a Stanley knife, Two-sided grip tape (2”) and Grip Solvent.
  1. Remove the old grip with a stanley blade remembering to cut away from yourself at all times. Scrape off the old grip tape. Using a cloth and grip solvent, clean off the remaining residue.
  2. Measure and apply 2″ double-sided grip tape to putter grip. Remove the tape backing.
  3. Cover the vent hole in in the putter grip at the butt end with your finger and pour a generous portion of grip solvent inside the new grip. Close the open end of the grip with your hand and shake to cover the entire inside of the grip.
  4. Pour the excess grip solvent over the entire length of the two-sided tape.
  5. Place the grip over the shaft butt (with the flat side up) onto the club by squeezing the open end of the grip (this must be done while the grip tape is still wet, covered with grip solvent).
  6. Push the grip entirely onto the club.
  7. The grip can now be properly aligned with the pattern square to the club face. This must happen immediately after applying the grip.
  8. Allow grip to dry overnight before playing.


How to take care of your ProPutt Grip. Follow this method to aid its high longevity. You will need warm water, mild detergent, a flannel and a towel.

  1.  Prior to cleaning your ProPutt, check for any damage (NOTE: grips that show tears or rips will need replacing).
  2.  Mix detergent with warm water.
  3.  Dip the flannel into the mixture, ring out, and gently wipe your grip.
  4.  Rinse the flannel in clean water and wipe off any remaining residue.
  5.  Dry your grip using a towel.  Ensure your ProPutt is dry before placing it back into your bag.

NOTE: Never rub your grip vigorously with a flannel or towel as this will damage the Polyurethane surface, thereby compromising the durability and tackiness of your grip.  

Should you not be fully confident of your DIY ability, we recommend that your ProPutt Grip is installed by a Professional.

DISCLAIMER: We strongly advise that you take extra precaution when allowing your applicator fluid to drain out the aeration hole as the thinners can impair the look of the painted logo at the top (this is not covered under guarantee).