ProPutt | ProTac Technology

The Research and Development team at ProPutt are proud to introduce THE lightest grip on the market. The ProPutt ERGO. Let us also introduce the process behind our new ProTac Technology.

Putting is all about the balance and feel of the putter. The swing-weight is an approximation of how head heavy your putter feels during your stroke. A ProPutt increases the swing weight, adding feel and accentuating the precision milled head of your putter.
Having completed vast research in handle and grip construction we have applied the theory of ergonomic design using electromyography and anthropometric data. The theory of Ergonomics is the study of people and their relationship within the environment around them. Our research ensures the manufacture of the most ergonomically advanced product on the market (permitted within the equipment guidelines of putter grip assembly).

Measurements (also known as anthropometric data) are collected and applied to designs/products to make them more comfortable to use. The application of measurements to products in order to improve their use is called Ergonomics.

Anthropometrical data is used to determine the size, shape and  form of a product making it more comfortable and easier to use.  With some simple equations, we were able to generate data based around the average hand-span of the typical golfer and alter the dimensions of our products to suit all golfers using a variety of grip styles.

Electromyography is the study of electrical potential generated by muscle cells.  An electromyograph detects when these cells are electrically or neurologically activated.  These signals can be analyzed to detect the biomechanics of human movement.  Our lightweight pistol grip design applies this study to develop our construction to ensure that our products assist the user throughout the putt: thusly reducing wrist twitches. ProTac Technology is the accumulation of this research resulting in an oversized, dual textured, dual compound, three core construct combining multi polymers allowing for a viscous enhanced grip. The surface layer of the ERGO is the final application of construction: this layer constitutes Polyurethane (PU), the most resilient and durable compound designed for endurance. Suitable for all weathers and incredibly cohesive, when it comes to re-gripping your putter, we have all bases covered.

The ERGO. Scientifically proven to enhance your game. Reduced weight = Enhanced feel #DefineYourPutter

ProPutt ERGO Specification:

Material: 3-Core (Outer PU)
Texture: ProTac Technology
Profile: Pistol
Density Ratio: Medium
Shock Absorption: High
Core-Size: 0.600
Weight: 49g